Roofing San Jose

All Seasons Roofing Inc.
All Seasons Roofing Inc. offers a wide variety of residential roofing solutions, from Asphalt Composition to Wood Shake, Shingles to Exotic Slates & Tiles. All Seasons Roofing Inc. is an approved applicator of most of the major roofing manufacturers products and are qualified to install their respective systems to achieve the maximum warranties offered. We specialize in roofing commercial, industrial and apartment building projects and install BUILT-UP, EPDM, SBS...
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 971-4455

Eastman Roofing
Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing is a family-owned and operated company serving the Silicon Valley since 1979. With our unique background in both roofing and general construction, Eastman Roofing has the expertise that most roofing contractors just don't have. With more than a quarter century of industry experience, our company holds both a General Contractor's license and Roofing license. Because Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc. understands the relationship of the roof to the entire building (some roof problems are actually construction issues), we can offer our customers far more quality, consistency, and peace of mind.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (800) 287-2006

Keith Roofing Company, Inc.
Keith Roofing cCompany, Inc. is a roofing specialist. We do residential, commercial, industrial, apartment complexes and town houses. We have extensive knowledge in built up roof systems, modified bitumen (torch on pr jpt asphalt), wood shingles and roof coatings. We employ quality employees and repairmen with proven track records. We have 3 foremen with extensive knowledge that have been roofing with our company for 16+ years. We are certified roof installer for several manufacturers.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 295-8616

Lindy Roofing Co. Inc.
Lindy Roofing Co. Inc. is specializing in residential homes, apartment complexes, and town houses. For more than 50 years we've been proving our worth, with quality work at reasonable rates that anybody can appreciate.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 286-9990

Los Gatos Roofing
The owners of Los Gatos Roofing have a combined 77 years of experience in the roofing industry. Gary Radonich, Randy Brown, and Bob Kurtz know the ins and outs of roofing. Los Gatos Roofing gives you the best product. Rather than letting any one manufacturer determine what we sell and install, we consider your individual needs. Whether it's budget, aesthetics, or the unique style of your house, we take everything into account and get you the very best product to fit your needs. We Specialize In: * Residential Re-roofing * Roofing Repairs * Composition Shingles * Wood Shakes * Concrete and Clay Tiles * Cedar Shingles and Sidewalls
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 298-9399

Platinum Roofing
At Platinum Roofing we are specialists in a relatively new type of roof system: the polyester reinforced white acrylic fluid-applied roof, also known as a "cool roof," which is applied over an existing roof to extend its life and provide reflective characteristics. Any existing roof surface is a candidate for using this system. Depending on the condition of the existing roof, a protective acrylic surface can even be applied without any reinforcement making it an extremely cost-effective option.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 280-5028

Old Country Roofing
Old Country Roofing has roofed over 100,000 homes in northern California to date. A progressive, quality-driven company, we specialize in steep-slope roofing providing service to new construction builders and homeowners. Single-family tract homes, custom homes, and multi-family buildings such as apartments and condominiums are examples of the types of projects we specialize in. We also provide re-roofing services. In addition we offer a turn-key solar/roofing package that enables our builder customers to construct high performance solar powered homes while limiting their exposure to long term liabilities.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (866) 469-7470

California Roofing Co. Inc.
California Roofing is an established company with wide ranging capabilities, large enough to meet the demands of today's sophisticated roofing requirements. High Tech, Industrial, and commercial customers throughout the Bay Area have been pleased with CRC's competitive pricing, service and workmanship since the early 1930s.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 293-7977

Falcon Roofing
At Falcon Roofing, we specialize in all types of roofing including roof repairs, inspections and even roof cleaning. We understand that proper installation requires the use of skilled professional California Roofing Contractors who use the appropriate tools. Our professional expert staff of roofing contractors has the capability to install any custom component or accessory items that may be required to complete the roofing package. We stand behind our work with our solid warranties. Our roofing services include: * Roofing Repairs * Roofing Inspections * Roof Replacement * Roof Cleaning * Power Washing * Skylights and Sun Tunnels * Gutter and Down Spout Installation * Gutter and Down Spout Cleaning * Air Vents and Attic Ventilation Systems * Solar Fans and Attic Fans * Chimney Covers and Spark Arrester.
Location : Mountain View, CA
Phone : (650) 961-3200

J.B. Roofing Co.
Services includes Roof Inspections & Escrow Certification * Roof Maintenance & Repair * Composition * Modified Down * Skylights * Ridge Vent * Seamless Gutters * Dormers & Roof Additions * Leak Repair * Renovations & Conversions * Sealing
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 452-0960

Five Star Roofing
Five Star Roofing has been a full service roofing company since 1981. We provide quality professional services to homeowners, property managers and contractors. These services include roofing with the best available materials on all types of residential and commercial buildings, as well as waterproofing decks, installing gutters and providing emergency services. Difficult jobs are our specialty! Five Star Roofing is a flat roofing system specialist. We use the latest materials and technology when installing flat roofing systems on your residence or commercial building. Tapered insulation can be installed to improve drainage. Five Star Roofing can install a beautiful new roof to your residence with many choices of roofing materials and colors. We can add new insulation to increase the R-Value of your roof thereby improving heating and cooling efficiency.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 972-7855

Advanced Roofing
We are a comprehensive roofing company specializing in residential and commercial re-roofing. Our experienced staff is here to assist you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We offer quality craftsmenship at competitve prices. Our services include:Residential-Commercial roofing and gutter systems.Tile roofs,Metal roofing,Low slope roofing,Custom drain systems,Seamless Aluminum gutters (even custom colors), Solar energy collectors, Solar attic fans, Skylights, Sun Tunnels, and all forms of waterproofing.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (866) 505-4937

Alliance Roofing Company, Inc.
Alliance Roofing Company, Inc. is renowned as Northern California's leading commercial roofing and waterproofing contractor. Roofing manufacturers and consultants have bestowed their highest awards and recommendations upon our company. Contractors, property owners, and property managers have praised us for our continual service, construction expertise, and immediate response.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (800) 579-2595